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Loire Valley: Castles, typical manor houses near historic chateaux, troglodyte hotels carved out of the rock offering original accommodation, romantic mansions.

Wednesday, April 10 2013

Château de Reignac—boutique hotel, south of Tours in the Loire Valley

room in the chateau in the Loire ValleyChâteau de Reignac is a romantic designer hotel in a castle, near Tours in the Loire Valley.

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Monday, June 4 2012

Domaine des Evis—a unique and original bed and breakfast 1½ hours from Paris and 1 hour from Chartres

Facade of Domaine des Evis Domaine des Evis is a unique, original, and distinctive bed and breakfast located near Paris and 1 hour from Chartres, between Dreux and Alençon, right near the Perche region.

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Saturday, March 3 2012

Hôtel Burgevin—a charming hotel in the Loire Valley, half-hour from Orléans

romantic hotel in the Loire ValleyHôtel Burgevin is a charming hotel in the Loire Valley, 1/2h from Orléans near the Château de Sully, and 1h 1/2 from the Château de Chambord the Château de Cheverny.

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Saturday, February 18 2012

La Marine de Loire—a romantic hotel in the Loire Valley between Angers and Tours

charming romantic hotel with spa near the LoireLa Marine de Loire, Hotel & Spa is a romantic hotel in the Loire Valley located between Angers and Tours, near Saumur.

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Friday, February 17 2012

Suites Béranger—a luxury designer bed and breakfast in Tours, in the Loire Valley

Suites Beranger, luxury bed and breakfast in the Loire ValleySuites Béranger is a luxury designer bed and breakfast with an exclusive, unique style located in the center of Tours, in the Loire Valley.

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Sunday, November 13 2011

Domaine de la Soucherie—Luxury bed and breakfast in the middle of a wine estate in Anjou

Domaine de la Soucherie, wine estate in the Loire ValleyDomaine de la Soucherie is a wine estate that is also a luxury bed and breakfast. It is located in Anjou, near Angers in the Maine-et-Loire département, on the western side of the Loire Valley.

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