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Alsace Lorraine: Boutique hotels and designer guest houses in Alsace and Lorraine, transformed factories and grain mills, lodgings with unique charm.

Tuesday, November 20 2012

La Brunerie—a designer bed and breakfast south of Nancy, in the Lorraine region

boutique hotel near Nancy, in the east of FranceLa Brunerie et ses Instants is a unique designer bed and breakfast located south of Nancy in the Meurthe et Moselle department, a delightful stopover as you head south on the road to the Vosges mountains.

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Wednesday, October 10 2012

La Villa 1901—a luxury bed and breakfast in Nancy, in the east of France

luxury bb in Nancy, Lorraine, East of FranceLa Villa 1901 is a luxury bed and breakfast in Nancy, in the east of France

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Monday, July 2 2012

La Maison de Myon—a designer bed and breakfast in the center of Nancy

charming BB near place Stanislas in NancyLa Maison de Myon is a designer bed and breakfast in Nancy, near Stanislas place

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Thursday, February 16 2012

Hôtel Le Moulin, a romantic hideaway just 40 minutes from Strasbourg

hotel-moulin-small.jpgHôtel Le Moulin is a charming and romantic hotel, just 40 minutes from Strasbourg, and the edge of the North Vosges Natural Park.

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