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Monday, October 14 2013

Prosper Maufoux, a charming Bed and Breakfast near to Beaune in Burgundy

charming bb near Beaune in BurgundyProsper Maufoux, a harming Bed & Breakfast near to Beaune, on the wine route and the name of Burgundy Grand Crus.

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Sunday, November 25 2012

Le Manoir Equivocal—an unusual and original bed and breakfast in Burgundy, between Dijon and Beaune

Façade of the Equivocal Manor, in Burgundy, original bb near Beaune and DijonLe Manoir Equivocal is an unusual and original bed and breakfast in Burgundy, 30 minutes from Dijon and 10 minutes from Beaune and Nuits-Saint-Georges

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Friday, June 22 2012

Cuisine Hôtel Frédéric Carrion—designer hotel in Burgundy, near Mâcon

Façade of the Cuisine Hotel Frédéric Carrion in BurgundyCuisine Hôtel Frédéric Carrion is a designer hotel in Burgundy near Mâcon, between Dijon and Lyon.

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Tuesday, February 21 2012

La Colline du Colombier and Les Cadoles, architectural jewels surrounded by nature in Iguerande, southern Burgundy

a cadole Troisgros in BurgundyIn the hills above Iguerande, a Brionnais village at the southernmost point of the Saône-et-Loire district, Marie-Pierre and Michel Troisgros have restored an ancient farm surrounded by lush pasture.

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Thursday, February 9 2012

La Maison d’Olivier Leflaive—a charming hotel 45min from Dijon, in Burgundy

facade of a charming hotel in BurgundyThe Maison d'Olivier Leflaive is a charming hotel near Beaune in Burgundy, 45mn from Dijon.

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Tuesday, November 22 2011

La Ferme de Marie-Eugénie, Designer Bed and Breakfast, situated between Dijon, Lyon and Geneva

Room of a designer bed and breakfast in BurgundyLa Ferme de Marie-Eugénie is a charming bed and breakfast, situated in Burgundy, south of Dijon, between Châlon-sur-Saône, Lyon and Geneva, just 4 kilometers from exit 9, on highway A39.

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