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Saturday, May 20 2017

The Hôtel du Continent, boutique hotel in Paris by Christian Lacroix

Hotel du ContinentThe Hôtel du Continent in Paris by Christian Lacroix, is located closed to the Place Vendôme, the rue Royale and the rue Saint-Honoré.

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Wednesday, June 3 2015

The Stella Cadente's Guesthouse is an enchanting bed and breakfast in Provins, 1h from Paris and 1/2h from Disneyland

luxurious guesthouse of Stella Cadente in the Paris regionThe Guesthouse Stella Cadente, near Paris, reflects the poetic, original, and ultra-refined universe of Ms. Cadente, a designer who is always full of surprises

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Tuesday, June 24 2014

The Maison Favart, luxury boutique hotel in Paris, opposite the Opéra Comique

luxury boutique hotel in Paris, FranceThe Maison Favart is a luxury boutique hotel in Paris, opposite the Opéra Comique, near to the Boulevard Haussmann, the Place Vendôme, the Madeleine and the Palais Royal.

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Thursday, April 18 2013

Dolce Riva, a luxury bed and breakfast on a barge in Giverny, near Paris

on the deck of Arduinna, houseboat in ParisDolce Riva is a barge that has been converted into a luxury bed and breakfast, docked west of Paris, in the center of Vernon

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Wednesday, April 3 2013

The Konfidentiel—a romantic boutique hotel next to the Louvre and Rue Saint-Honoré

boutique hotel in Paris Louvre St-HonoreThe Konfidentiel is an ultra-romantic boutique hotel located right next to the Louvre and Rue Saint-Honoré in the center of Paris

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Wednesday, March 20 2013

La Grange Saint-Martin—a designer bed and breakfast near Fontainebleau, 1 hour from Paris

design BB between Fontainebleau and ParisLa Grange Saint-Martin is a designer bed and breakfast near Fontainebleau and the chateau of Vaux-le-Vicomte, just one hour from Paris

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Wednesday, April 4 2012

The Hotel of the Château de Méry—a boutique hotel 1/2h from Paris, in Auvers-sur-Oise

boutique hotel near ParisThe Hotel of the Château de Méry is a designer boutique hôtel for a romantic weekend in Auvers-sur-Oise, 30 min from Paris and 30 min from the Charles de Gaulle-Roissy airport.

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Wednesday, November 2 2011

6Mandel–a luxurious Parisian bed and breakfast, and room with a view of the Eiffel Tower

6mandel at Trocadéro, facing the Eiffel Tower6 Mandel is a unique, ultra-Parisian bed and breakfast located near Trocadéro in Paris, with a terrific view of the Eiffel Tower.

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