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Alps: Hotels and chalets in the French Alps and Savoy: bed and breakfast with heated indoor pool and panoramic view of the mountains, chalet at the foot of the slopes for ski vacations

Friday, August 5 2016

La Sivolière, a luxury boutique hotel in the French Alps, at the foot of the ski slopes

boutique hotel in Courchevel 1850La Sivolière is a luxury boutique hotel at the Courchevel 1850 ski resort in the French Alps, at the foot of the ski slopes in Savoy

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Wednesday, August 6 2014

Servages d'Armelle-a hotel at the foot of the ski slopes of the Mont Blanc massif

chalet in the French Alps, Mont BlancServages d’Armelle is a true mountain chalet located at the foot of the slopes of the Carroz d’Araches ski resort, whose 260 kilometers of ski trails run down the Mont Blanc massif.

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Sunday, October 13 2013

La Ferme des Petites Frasses, a luxury chalet in Megève with helicopter pad

luxury chalet in Megeve, French AlpsThe Ferme des Petites Frasses is a luxury chalet in Megève complete with private helicopter landing pad.

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Wednesday, July 3 2013

Le Clos des Sens, boutique hotel design at Annecy, with gastronomic restaurant 2 Michelin-starred

boutique hotel at AnnecyLe Clos des Sens is a boutique hôtel design at Annecy, with a gastronomic restaurant 2 Michelin-starred, overlooking the town and the lake.

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Tuesday, April 16 2013

Clos Marcel, a designer boutique hotel on Lake Annecy, 50 minutes from Geneva

Clos Marcel in the AlpsClos Marcel is a boutique hotel with a restaurant and an amazing panoramic view of Annecy Lake, just 15 minutes from the center of town and one hour from Geneva.

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Saturday, March 23 2013

La Maison des Écureuils, designer rooms with a view of Mont Blanc, between Annecy and Geneva

maison-ecureuils-small.jpgLa Maison des Écureuils, designer rooms with an unforgettable view of Mont Blanc, halfway between Annecy and Geneva

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Friday, October 12 2012

La Bergerie du Miravidi—a designer ski chalet and ecolodge in the French Alps

Decoration at the Bergerie du MiravidiLa Bergerie du Miravidi is a designer bed and breakfast ski chalet and ecolodge in the French Alps with an outdoor Spa. A five-minute ride in an aerial tramway Paradiski brings you to Les Arcs, Tignes, Val d’Isère, and La Plage ski resorts.

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Wednesday, February 29 2012

Château des Avenières, a romantic, charming hotel just 20 minutes from Geneva

facade of Chateau des Avenieres in the AlpsThe Château des Avenières is a charming and romantic hotel halfway between Geneva and Annecy, in Savoy

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Sunday, February 19 2012

La Bouitte—Luxury hotel and gourmet restaurant in Savoy, near Courchevel, Meribel and Val-Thorens

La Bouitte gastronomic restaurantLa Bouitte is an unusual luxury hotel with a gourmet restaurant near Les Ménuires ski resort in the heart of a top class ski area that includes Trois Vallées, Courchevel, Méribel, and Val Thorens.

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