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Aquitania: luxury places with roof-top swimming pools, seaside villas with a view of the ocean, contemporary. Basque homes with designer decor, or tree-top cabanas in pine forests

Saturday, October 15 2016

The Château Pape Clément, prestigious luxury bed and breakfast near Bordeaux

chateau pape clement, luxury bb near Bordeaux, Aquitaine, FranceThe Château Pape Clément is a prestigious luxury bed and breakfast in Pessac, not far from Bordeaux in Aquitaine.

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Wednesday, October 14 2015

Yamina Lodge—a luxury bed and breakfast facing the ocean at Cap Ferret

yamina-lodge-small.jpgYamina Lodge is a uniquely designed luxury bed and breakfast facing the ocean on the promontory of Cap Ferret, near Arcachon.

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Sunday, June 30 2013

Château Fombrauge, luxury rooms in the chateau at Saint-Emilion

luxury rooms in the chateau near Saint-EmilionThe Château Fombrauge offers luxury rooms in the chateau at Saint Emilion, only thirty minutes from Bordeaux

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Tuesday, June 18 2013

Villa Arguibel, designer bed and breakfast between Biarritz and St-Jean-de-Luz

luxury designer bb on the basque coastVilla Arguibel is a luxury designer bed and breakfast in Guéthary, on the Basque Coast between Biarritz and St-Jean-de-Luz.

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Sunday, April 15 2012

The Villa Leïhorra—luxurious rooms in Saint-Jean-de-Luz, with a view of the ocean

Facade of Villa Leihorra, on the heights of Saint-Jean de LuzThe Villa Leïhorra offers luxurious rooms in the heights of Ciboure, near Saint-Jean-de-Luz, with a view of the ocean.

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Sunday, March 11 2012

The Villa l’Arche—luxury rooms and suites by the ocean, on the Basque Coast

Facade of Villa l'Arche on the Basque Coast and view of the seaThe Villa l’Arche offers luxury rooms and suites with private beach access on the Basque Coast between Biarritz and Saint-Jean-de-Luz.

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Saturday, March 3 2012

The Auberge Basque—boutique hotel and gastronomic restaurant near Saint Jean de Luz

Boutique Hotel and gastronomic restaurant near St-Jean de Luz, on the Basque Coast, AquitaniaThe Auberge Basque is a designer boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant near Saint-Jean de Luz

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Thursday, March 1 2012

Relais de Franc-Mayne—boutique hotel in Saint-Émilion and vintage wine

Bedroom of a design hotel in Saint-EmilionRelais de Franc-Mayne is a boutique hotel in Saint-Emilion, unusual and original, with a top vintage wine.

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Wednesday, February 29 2012

Maison Bord’Eaux—a luxury bed and breakfast in Bordeaux

luxury designer bed and breakfast in BordeauxMaison Bord’Eaux is a luxury bed and breakfast in Bordeaux, located 500 m from Bordeaux’s Place Tourny and Grand Théâtre in the Gironde region.

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Tuesday, February 7 2012

Hôtel Ville d’Hiver, boutique hotel in Arcachon, one hour from Bordeaux

facade of Hotel Ville d'Hiver in ArcachonHôtel Ville d’Hiver is a unique boutique hotel and charming place to stay located in the heart of Arcachon, one hour from Bordeaux.

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