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Midi Pyrenees: Bed and Breakfasts, Stone mansions clinging to rocky cliffs, country manors enclosed by centuries-old walls, romantic hotels with pools for unwinding, designer guesthouses and gourmet restaurants for guests.

Wednesday, June 29 2016

Alchimy, boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant in Albi

decoration of Alchimy, boutique hotel in the center of Albi Alchimy, is a boutique hotel with a gourmet restaurant in Albi, one hour from Toulouse and two hours and a half from Montpellier

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Saturday, February 20 2016

Le Florida, designer bed and breakfast 20min from Auch, between Toulouse, Pau and Agen

unique and refined bedroom of the FloridaLe Florida, located 20 min from Auch, near Toulouse, Pau and Agen, is a luxury designer bed and breakfast with restaurant in the Gascogne area

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Tuesday, April 30 2013

Hotel Le Père Léon—a designer boutique hotel in Toulouse, near the Place du Capitole

View of Toulouse from the designer room of the boutique hotelHotel Le Père Léon is a designer boutique hotel in Toulouse near the Capitole, located between the Augustins Museum and the banks of the Garonne River.

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Wednesday, April 24 2013

Hervé Busset Hotel-Restaurant—a four-star hotel in the Aveyron region of the French southwest

four-star boutique hotel, French SouthWestHervé Busset Hotel-Restaurant is a four-star boutique hotel in Conques in the Midi-Pyrénées region, with a gourmet restaurant with one star in the Michelin Guide.

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Tuesday, June 26 2012

The Chartreuse de Drudas—a charming bed and breakfast 40 minutes from Toulouse in southwestern France

Room of the Chartreuse de Drudas near ToulouseThe Chartreuse de Drudas is a charming bed and breakfast in southwestern France, just 40 minutes from Toulouse and two and a half hours from Bordeaux.

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Thursday, May 31 2012

Domaine du Buc—a romantic bed and breakfast between Toulouse and Albi in the French Southwest

charming bed and breakfast near ToulouseDomaine du Buc is a charming bed and breakfast located near Toulouse and Albi in southwestern France.

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  • G”tes du Tarn 2011
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Thursday, May 10 2012

Four Maison d’Hôtes—a luxurious designer bed and breakfast 20 minutes from Cahors

Façade of the Four, Guesthouse in the Dordogne ValleyFour Maison d’Hôtes is a luxurious designer bed and breakfast in the Quercy, a region in the Lot department, just 20 minutes from Cahors.

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