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Friday, July 25 2014

Les Patios—a designer bed and breakfast and gourmet restaurant close to Rennes

room at Les Patios, luxury bed and breakfast in RennesLes Patios is a designer bed and breakfast with spacious rooms and a Michelin-starred gourmet restaurant, located north of Rennes.

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Wednesday, July 31 2013

La Grée des Landes—a design eco-hotel and Yves Rocher spa in Brittany

design hotel spa Yves Rocher in BrittanyLa Grée des Landes is a designer eco-hotel and Yves Rocher spa in Brittany, between Rennes, Nantes and Vannes.

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Monday, March 5 2012

La Maison Pavie—a designer bed and breakfast between Saint-Malo and Rennes

designer bed and breakfast near St Malo, north of BrittanyLa Maison Pavie is a designer bed and breakfast in Dinan between Saint-Malo and Rennes in northern Brittany

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Saturday, February 11 2012

Le Val de Brangon—a romantic designer bed and breakfast near Quiberon

romantic designer bed and breakfast near QuiberonLe Val du Brangon is a romantic designer bed and breakfast on the Gulf of Morbihan between Vannes and the Quiberon peninsula, in southern Brittany.

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Friday, January 6 2012

Kerledan-a charming designer bed and breakfast located 1 hour from Brest

facade of the romantic designer bed and breakfast in  BrittanyThe Manoir de Kerledan is a charming designer bed and breakfast located 1hour far from Brest, Lorient and Perros Guirec

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Monday, December 12 2011

The Château du Bois-Glaume—charming Bed and Breakfast near Rennes and the Legendary Forest of Brocéliande

charming chateau bed and breakfast near RennesThe Château du Bois-Glaume is a charming bed and breakfast, near Rennes, just 20 minutes away from the airport, and the mysterious Brocéliande Forest.

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