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Thursday, March 21 2013

Ermitage Mont-Saint-Michel—a luxury boutique hotel on the bay of Mont-Saint-Michel

terrace of a boutique hotel near Mont Saint Michel in FranceErmitage Mont-Saint-Michel is a luxury designer hotel located next to France’s Mont-Saint-Michel, which is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site

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Monday, March 18 2013

Le Clos Masure—a unique designer hotel two hours from Paris

boutique hotel just 2h from Paris, in NormandyLe Clos Masure is a unique designer hotel with an original décor just two hours from Paris, between Rouen and Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime area

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Sunday, December 16 2012

Hôtel de Suhard—A Romantic Bed and Breakfast in Bellême, in the Heart of the Perche Region

bed and breakfast in a château in the Perche regionHôtel de Suhard is a romantic bed and breakfast and incredibly charming guesthouse in Bellême, a medieval town in the Perche (Low Normandy).

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Friday, March 2 2012

La Licorne, a charming hotel in Normandy between Rouen and Paris

La Licorne, romantic hotel in Normandy,between Rouen and ParisLa Licorne is a charming hotel in the heart of Lyons-la-Forêt in Normandy, just 35 km from Rouen and 100km from Paris.

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Friday, February 10 2012

The Manoir de Mathan, a romantic hotel near Bayeux in the Calvados area

romantic hotel in Normandy, Calvados dpt.The Manoir de Mathan is a romantic hotel near Bayeux in the Calvados area, located between Omaha Beach Golf course and the D-Day beaches.

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Wednesday, December 14 2011

Domaine de la Louveterie—an Unusual and Original Bed and Breakfast Just Two Hours from Paris

design bed and breakfast near ParisDomaine de la Louveterie is an unusual and original bed and breakfast in the Perche region, surrounded by forests and tucked into a small valley between Chartres and Mortagne, not far from Alençon.

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