At Vélocipède the rooms facing the Bay of Somme are not like all the others.
A former bicycle store, today it is a guesthouse with a restaurant, tea room, and uncommon bicycle-themed décor. For a tour along the banks of the Somme, there’s no problem: just ask if you can borrow a bicycle

booking to the Velocipede -North of France

room and cafe The Velocipede in the North of France

Au Velocipede
4 rooms
WiFi access in the rooms
Café and local restaurant (on reservation)
Painting exhibition
Bicycles for the guests (adults)
Au Vélocipède has been fully renovated in 2008.

Activities around Au Vélocipède
Tennis, golf, horse riding, kayak, windsurfing, cruising

Location :
Saint-Valéry sur Somme
Noyelles-sur-Somme train station: 10mn from Vélocipède (Boulogne-Amiens-Paris train line; arrival: Gare du Nord in Paris)
Abbeville: 19km
Abbeville Golf Course (18 holes): 19km
Marquenterre Park (Baie de Somme 20km
Abbaye de Valloires: 35km
Le Touquet: 56km
Dieppe: 57km
Calais: 110km (Channel Tunnel: 1h)
Bruxelles: 293km (3h)

Rates* :
room: A

Au Velocipede