Holiday cottage

The holiday cottages that we have selected are independent homes with an authentic bed and breakfast welcome—a new vacation lifestyle.

Saturday, March 23 2013

La Maison des Écureuils, designer rooms with a view of Mont Blanc, between Annecy and Geneva

maison-ecureuils-small.jpgLa Maison des Écureuils, designer rooms with an unforgettable view of Mont Blanc, halfway between Annecy and Geneva

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Friday, March 22 2013

Jardin des Thevenets-a bed and breakfast 8 km from Vichy in the Massif Central mountain range

pool of Jardin des Thevenets in Auvergne, center of FranceThe Jardin des Thevenets is a bed and breakfast with character between Vichy and Clermont Ferrand.

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Tuesday, February 21 2012

La Colline du Colombier and Les Cadoles, architectural jewels surrounded by nature in Iguerande, southern Burgundy

a cadole Troisgros in BurgundyIn the hills above Iguerande, a Brionnais village at the southernmost point of the Saône-et-Loire district, Marie-Pierre and Michel Troisgros have restored an ancient farm surrounded by lush pasture.

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Wednesday, December 14 2011

Domaine de la Louveterie—an Unusual and Original Bed and Breakfast Just Two Hours from Paris

design bed and breakfast near ParisDomaine de la Louveterie is an unusual and original bed and breakfast in the Perche region, surrounded by forests and tucked into a small valley between Chartres and Mortagne, not far from Alençon.

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