On an island

Hotels, castles, and guesthouses in Corsica, on the Ile de Ré, or even on an island in the Paris region

Wednesday, July 2 2014

Castle Leslie, chateau hotel in Ireland, 80 min from Dublin airport and 60 min from Belfast airport

room in the chateau in IrelandCastle Leslie is a romantic chateau hotel in Ireland, located 80min from Dublin and 60 min from Belfast airport, in Glaslough County Monaghan.

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Tuesday, October 15 2013

La Mare aux Oiseaux—a boutique hotel near La Baule in the Loire-Atlantique region

original and unusual boutique hotel near La BauleLa Mare aux Oiseaux is a boutique hotel with a gastronomic restaurant near La Baule, in the Loire-Atlantique region.

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Monday, August 26 2013

U Palazzu Serenu, a designer hotel in Upper Corsica between Bastia and Saint Florent

Façade and pool of U Palazzu Serenu, boutique hotel in Corsica, near BastiaU Palazzu Serenu is a designer hotel in Upper Corsica between Bastia and Saint Florent at the foot of Cap Corse

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Tuesday, May 28 2013

Mi-Hôtel—a designer bed and breakfast in Lyon, near the Place Bellecour

designer bb with boutique hotel decoration in LyonMi-Hotel is a designer bed and breakfast in Lyon between Place Bellecour and August Comte street near art galleries and antiques shops, just 10 minutes from the Lyon Perrache train station.

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Monday, May 27 2013

Le Pinarello—a designer hotel near Porto Vecchio in Corsica

Pinarello, boutique hotel near Porto Vecchio, with direct beach accessLe Pinarello is a designer hotel near Porto Vecchio in Corsica with a spa, direct access to the beach, and a view of the Mediterranean

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Sunday, July 15 2012

The Dimora, Romantic hotel in Corsica, Serenity under an open sky amongst ancient stone architecture

facade of the dimora hotel in corsicaThe Dimora is a romantic designer hotel in Upper Corsica, that was built on the ruins of an old Corsican manor.

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Wednesday, April 18 2012

A Casa Theodora—a romantic hotel in Corsica, between Calvi and Ile Rousse

romantic charming hotel in Upper CorsicaA Casa Theodora is a charming romantic hotel in Upper Corsica, between Calvi and Ile Rousse in Balagne

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