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Sunday, May 7 2017

The Hotel Greif, boutique hotel in Bolzano, in Italy

Hotel GreifThe hotel Greif is a boutique hotel in Bolzano in Italy, situated to the north of Verona, 3 hours away from Venice and Milan.

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Thursday, June 9 2016

La Bergerie de Nano, unusual bed-and breakfast, half-an-hour from Avignon, in the Provence region

Facade of the bed and breakfast in ProvenceLa Bergerie de Nano is an unusual bed-and-breakfast located in Beaumes-de-Venise, half-an-hour from Avignon in the Provence region.

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Thursday, September 18 2014

Studio Kairos, unusual bed and breakfast in Zagreb

original bb in zagrebStudio Kairos is an unusual and original bed and breakfast in Zagreb, in the center of Croatia.

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Sunday, September 7 2014

Hôtel des Colonnes, unusual bed-and-breakfast one hour from Aix-en-Provence

original bb near Aix-en-Provence Hôtel des Colonnes is an unusual and original bed and breakfast one hour from Aix-en-Provence, 40min from Manosque and one hour and a half from Marseille.

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Thursday, July 3 2014

La Dama de Ibiza, an unusual and original hotel in Ibiza, a 2h flight from Paris

roof terrace of the hotel, with view of the seaLa Dama de Ibiza, an unusual and original hotel in Ibiza, the Balearic Islands, a 2h flight from Paris and 2h30 from London.

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Tuesday, June 3 2014

The Domaine des Prés Verts and Spa, bed and breakfast and treehouse near to Beaune in Burgundy

bb near to Beaune in Burgundy, FranceThe Domaine des Prés Verts & Spa is a designer Bed and Breakfast in Burgundy, 40 minutes from Beaune and 1 hour from Dijon, complete with treehouse and converted horse-drawn caravan.

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Wednesday, May 14 2014

Chambre avec Vue, unusual Bed and Breakfast near to Apt, in the Lubéron

unusual bed and breakfast luberonChambre avec Vue is an unusual Bed & Breakfast near to Apt in the Lubéron, one hour from Avignon and Aix-en-Provence.

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Thursday, October 10 2013

Les Chambres d'Amis, boutique Bed and Breakfast between Valence and Montélimar

design bb near Valence MontelimarLes Chambres d'Amis, is a boutique Bed & Breakfast between Valence and Montélimar, in the Drôme region, 1 hour from Lyon and Avignon.

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Monday, September 23 2013

Le Manoir de Lormarin—a charming bed and breakfast in Normandy’s Perche region

charming bb normandy, 2 hours from ParisLe Manoir de Lormarin is a charming bed and breakfast in Normandy, just two hours from Paris in the Perche region.

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Wednesday, September 4 2013

The Villa Périer, a design bed and breakfast near to Montparnasse and the Porte de Versailles

designThe Villa Périer, a design Bed & Breakfast near to Montparnasse and the Porte de Versailles, in the South of Paris

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