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Wednesday, January 25 2012

Parisian Monuments from the Ferris Wheel at the Tuileries Garden

When I got onto the Ferris wheel, I knew I’d have vertigo—not just from the height, but also from the 360° view.

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Tuesday, January 10 2012

Vence—A village of art and azure

dome of VenceOn a hot day in Vence, there is nothing like sitting on the edge of the beautiful fountain in the Place Peyra and listening to the music of its cool cascade. Enjoy the good life, you are in Vence.

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Sunday, January 1 2012

Terra Botanica: a cornucopia of knowledge in the Loire Valley

Terra Botanica near Angers in the Loire ValleyWhat if plants could speak? What would they tell us? Would they tell us about their lives, their origins, their civilization?

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Cannes, Nice, St Tropez, Grasse, Menton and Monaco

St Tropez marina in the sunshine If there is one French region blessed by the Gods, it is surely this one. The French Riviera.

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The Eiffel Tower: Over the Top

It was Maurice Koechlin, an engineer in Gustave Eiffel’s atelier, who first dreamed up the Eiffel Tower.

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Thursday, November 3 2011

Brest, Dinard, Saint-Malo, Quiberon, Quimper

Brittany in France It has often been said that Brittany is both unique and multiple.

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Bordeaux, St-Emilion, Arcachon, Bayonne and Biarritz

aquitaine-small.jpg Aquitania stretches from the immense beaches beaten by the Ocean waves to the plains of the Garonne valley.

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Wednesday, November 2 2011

Nancy, Mulhouse, Strasbourg and the European Parliament

a house in Alsace Lorraine and Alsace are lands of passage deeply marked by their respective histories, lands brimming with memories, having overcome terrible ordeals thanks to their strength of character.

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Clermont-Ferrand, Vichy, Moulins and Aurillac

in the heart of volcanos It has often been said that Auvergne is both unique and multiple.

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Monday, October 31 2011

French Savoy, Courchevel, Megeve and Evian

Mont-Blanc What could be more breathtakingly majestic than the "alpine arc" ? From the Leman lake to the blue Mediterranean sea...

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