Friday, June 30 2017

Bachelorette party with view of the chateau

Bachelorette party at the Trianon PalaceFor her bachelorette party, Chloe received a short letter written in the style of the 18th century, that gave her appointment in a mythic place: her friends thought of everything.

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Tuesday, May 30 2017

Horses in the city, under the Eiffel Tower

Longines International Jump"Horses in the city": the sentence appears on the projection screen when I come into the Café de l’Homme for the Longines Paris Eiffel Jumping launching.

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Wednesday, May 24 2017

Concierge services at Paris Aeroport

Paris AeroportParis Aeroport has introduced a premium bus link between Paris, Roissy and Orly, launched a conciergerie for VIP travellers...

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Tuesday, May 2 2017

Hay sorbet and fresh herb massage in Italy

fresh herbs massageTwo refined luxury surprises awaited me when I traveled to the South Tyrol in Northern Italy last year: the hay sorbet and the fresh herb massage, in the heart of powerful natural surroundings.

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Saturday, April 22 2017

Gastronomic dinner as if we were in Piazza di Bolzano

Chris Oberhammer at the Atelier des ChefsThe Province of Bolzano or Alto Adige is located in the north of Italy, at the Austrian border. Also called « South Tyrol », it is nevertheless Italian and the event which took place at the Atelier des Chefs in Paris this week, particularly seduced the guests by a warm welcome.

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Saturday, April 15 2017

Visit Southern Champagne in a chauffered limousine

limousineMichel Floirat has had many lives, press agent in a communication agency and in an Embassy, journalist for women’s magazines, great traveller in Australia and Africa.

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Thursday, April 13 2017

The seeds of the currant jam are removed with a skill

currant jamUnlike the redcurrant jelly which can be industrially produced, the currant jam is rare: and for good reason, because the seeds are removed with a skill and the recipe, that dates back from 1344, is a secret formula, which is owned today by only one company.

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Tuesday, February 21 2017

The Emperor’s Honey, Champagne confit and rose syrup

Food de CultureQueen Anne d’Autriche introduced chocolate into France, king François 1er's wife gave her name to a kind of plum and Madame de Montespan loved honey candies.

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Thursday, January 12 2017

The French Savoir-Vivre by Ladurée

Savoir-Vivre by LadureeLadurée refreshes the French Savoir-Vivre, with humour and finesse, in a box at the colour of its macaroons.

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Saturday, October 15 2011

A fashion show with chocolate dresses at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris

chocolate-fashonshow-small.jpgThe Chocolate Show 2011 will take place from Oct 20th to 24th in Paris. Last year, the Chocolate Show 2010 dressed in green. Ethical cacao and ecological thinking went into 2010’s edition, which highlights fair trade and sustainable development.

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