Sunday, January 1 2012

Cannes, Nice, St Tropez, Grasse, Menton and Monaco

St Tropez marina in the sunshine If there is one French region blessed by the Gods, it is surely this one. The French Riviera.

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Thursday, November 3 2011

Brest, Dinard, Saint-Malo, Quiberon, Quimper

Brittany in France It has often been said that Brittany is both unique and multiple.

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Bordeaux, St-Emilion, Arcachon, Bayonne and Biarritz

aquitaine-small.jpg Aquitania stretches from the immense beaches beaten by the Ocean waves to the plains of the Garonne valley.

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Sunday, July 10 2011

Mont Saint Michel, a challenging "Mont"

View of th Mont from the campaignFrom Normandy to Brittany, everyone talks about the "Mont". This little town is indelibly linked to the memory of the archangel Saint Michael. Mont Saint Michel is unique beyond description. Its history, its setting, its architecture and its environment have fascinated people for generations.

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Saturday, November 27 2010

Leinster, Connaught, Munster and Ulster

Leinster, Connaught, Munster and Ulster in IrelandIreland, the most westerly country in Europe, was born out of water and still lives in symbiosis with water, an element which has helped to forge its personality and character and create the spectacular beauty of its landscapes.

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Monday, November 8 2010

Ajaccio, Bonifacio, Porto Vecchio, Bastia

Corsica, the island ob beauty The Island of Beauty, as it is aptly named. Its coastal landscapes, with rugged cliffs, idyllic creeks, majestic coves, fishing ports, capes and panoramic viewpoints, grey and pink rocks, cliff roads.

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Friday, August 20 2010

Northern Ireland

Belfast, northern irelandBelfast, the capital of Northern Irelandis a port city and the country's largest industrial and commercial hub, but, with the tremendous economic growth seen in recent years, it is more than that, and has become and artistic and cultural centre.

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Sunday, August 8 2010

Calvi’s “Wind Festival” blows through October 27–31, 2010

This year, the Calvi Wind Festival will take place under the auspices of photographer/environmentalist Yann Arthus-Bertrand and navigator/writer Isabelle Autissier...

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Thursday, July 15 2010

A Deliciously Basque Weekend

basque.jpgSetting our sites for the Southwest of France during first warm days of spring for some bracing sea air and a taste of Basque Country.

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Sunday, June 27 2010

Initials BB: the Brigitte Bardot Exhibit at Saint-Tropez

bb-small.jpgA major exhibit on a glamorous icon of French cinema:  Brigitte Bardot.

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