Thursday, July 21 2011

Hospices de Beaune: a humanistic and architectural masterpiece in Burgundy

Hospices de Beaune in BurgundyIn 1443, just as the Hundred Year's War was ending, Nicolas Rolin, Chancellor of Philip the Good, Duke of Burgundy, and Rolin's wife, Guigone de Salins, decided to build a hospital to take care of the needs of the sick and destitute.

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Tuesday, December 7 2010

Gevrey-Chambertin Les Cherbaudes: A Christmas Wine

Emily L. Turner, Talented writer sking Wine Industry Experience"Alors, you are looking for a Christmas wine." Lifting her cup of rosemary tea, Madame Sophie Boillot’s eyes dance over the rim inquiringly. It’s a gray afternoon in Dijon and the window shoppers peering into the Biscuiterie de Vergy are carrying their umbrellas, just in case.

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Friday, November 12 2010

Sarlat, Bergerac, Brantôme and Périgueux

chateau in the Dorgogne Valley Much has been written about these hospitable provinces, famous for their beautiful unspoiled countryside, rich artistic heritage and their subtle art of easy living.

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Monday, November 8 2010

Reims, Epernay, Châlons-en-Champagne

House in the Champagne region To pronounce the word Champagne anywhere in the world is to evoke that divine, sparkling beverage.

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Dijon, Beaune, Chalon-sur-Saône, Auxerre

vineyards in Burgundy Burgundy occupies a special position between the Paris basin and the Saône and Rhone valley, between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean lands.

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Thursday, July 15 2010

A Deliciously Basque Weekend

basque.jpgSetting our sites for the Southwest of France during first warm days of spring for some bracing sea air and a taste of Basque Country.

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Monday, July 5 2010

Visiting wine Mecca – Bordeaux Fete le Vin

Wine of Bordeaux wine, at the Bordeaux Wine FestivalThere’s no other place on Earth where you can breath in the world of wine just like you can in Bordeaux. Wine shops and wine bars on every street corner, wine producers down every country lane – the place is seeped in wine.

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Monday, June 14 2010

La vie en Rosé, Oh the cliché! (It may be pink, but it’s not White Zin.)

EmilyinthGlass-small.jpg“I’m looking for something light, good for sipping on the porch, and good with summer meals,” the woman says, glancing around the store as she speaks.

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Thursday, March 4 2010

Burgundy, the Nazis, and Why Pouilly-Fuissé Doesn’t Have Premier Crus

Emily L.Turner, wine bloggerWine aficionados say that Burgundy is one of the most complex and difficult regions to understand in the wine world. I won’t contest that.Notes from my latest conversation with a passionate producer lie in a pile beside my keyboard, under a map of Burgundy wine country.

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Monday, January 11 2010

Crémant de Bourgogne vs. Champagne: Pourquoi Pas?

Emily L Turner, wine blogger for E Romantic HotelsWhat wine has such widespread connotations of good cheer and happy occasions as Champagne?

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