Hôtel Whistler Paris, design hotel at the Gare du Nord

The Hôtel Whistler Paris is a design and soundproof hotel, located 5 min away from the Gare du Nord in Paris.

Detail of decoration of the Whistler Paris The entrance of the hotel looks like a train compartiment, with storage spaces for vintage truncks, the reception desk figures an access to the Orient-Express, and the hotel staff wears a uniform that could be worn by the staff of the mythic train.

Guests do not sleep in a room but in a cabin, where each centimeter is dedicated to the comfort. Sandrine Alouf created the atmosphere of the hotel with imaginative useful details like corner benches, invisible tipping desks hidden in a trunck with softness matching foolstool, ergonomic bedside lamps.

The must for travellers : the real time informations of the trains of the Gare du Nord, displayed in the breakfast room, on a screen of the SNCF. The hotel Whistler, motionless journey near in Premiere Classe

Hôtel Whistler Paris
Welcome in English, French, Spanish and Italian
31 rooms
Office space in each room, flat screen TV, safe, Wifi and air-conditionning
Amenities 1828 Jules Vernes by ‘Histoire de Parfums’, bathrobes, slippers, hair-dryer
Bar in the lounge of the hotel open during the day, baggage handler and international press
Room service 6pm-11pm
Salted and sugared breakfast
Réception 24/7

5 min away from the Gare du Nord in Paris (by foot)

Rooms B to D

Hotel Whistler