The French Savoir-Vivre by Ladurée

Savoir-Vivre by LadureeLadurée refreshes the French Savoir-Vivre, with humour and finesse, in a box at the colour of its macaroons.

French Savoir-Vivre by LadureeTo speak about Savoir-Vivre is a demanding and ambitious aim: it needs to have legitimacy, to master the subject, to know any relevant detail and to avoid forgetting anything.

The book is organized through a full day from the raising sun light to the vade mecum of travel, written in a light tone.

Looking at it more closely, one can read a true gourmet Art de Vivre between the lines, which describes wise rules, the benefits of a smile or a tour de table of flavours and tastes.

Some nuggets worthy of interest as “ to change one concern for another, do as many good as taking vacations” to opt for the "Let it go" or the delightful “It is never too late to do nothing at all” by Confucius.
And the book is looking like a macaroon box : a feast for the eyes and the spirit.

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