Friday, June 30 2017

Bachelorette party with view of the Chateau de Versailles

Bachelorette party at the Trianon PalaceFor her bachelorette party, Chloe received a short letter written in the style of the 18th century, that gave her appointment in a mythic place: her friends thought of everything.


Monday, June 26 2017

Historical Haute-Couture in Versailles

historical costume"I was born in Versailles and visited frequently the Château: I am fascinated by the Grand Siècle which inspired so many artists and conferred to the French Savoir-Vivre its patent of nobility, to become a world reference."


Wednesday, June 7 2017

VIP at the château de Vaux-le-Vicomte

Vaux-le-VicomteSuperintendant of King Louis XIV, Nicolas Fouquet acquired an enormous wealth and built a magnificent château, between 1641 and 1661.


Saturday, April 15 2017

Visit Southern Champagne in a chauffered limousine

limousine of Michel FloiratMichel Floirat has had many lives, press agent in a communication agency and in an Embassy, journalist for women’s magazines, great traveller in Australia and Africa.


Saturday, April 8 2017

Princely picnic at Chantilly or equestrian opera

A Cheval chez les PrincesWhile watching the painting of the « Refreshments served during hunts », who has never dreamed of a princely picnic in the forest, with hand-painted crockery, tablecloth in a traditional style and silverware.


Monday, March 27 2017

Unusual luxury concierge service, dedicated to African travellers

Paola Miklas, private concierge for African travelersBorn in Douala and living in Paris, Paola Miklas has started an unusual luxury concierge service, to offer African travellers bespoke services, according to their needs and tastes.


Monday, February 13 2017

Poliphilus & Polia, mangas in love by Nicolas Buffe at the Sèvres Manufactory

Nicolas Buffe at the Sevres ManufactoryThe Sèvres Manufactory inaugurates the exhibition Poliphilus & Polia, with numbered unique pieces designed by Nicolas Buffe: they represent the enigmatic inner path of Poliphilio searching for love, as described in the Venetian novel Poliphilo's Strife of Love in a Dream written in the 15th century.


Sunday, January 29 2017

Jane Austen, a unique art of combining savoir-vivre with philosophy

Jane Austen 200Jane Austen wrote novels describing the landed gentry of the 18th Century with a unique way of combining a mastered savoir-vivre with philosophy. She will be celebrated in 2017, for the bicentenary of her death.


Sunday, January 15 2017

Riccardo Muti tells us about the Roads of Friendship

Riccardo Muti, the Roads of FriendshipRiccardo Muti himself was present at the press conference on the Ravenna Festival: he told us about the Roads of Friendship that he created in 1997.


Thursday, January 5 2017

Veronica Antonelli, the soprano who sings with the monuments

Veronica Antonelli"Lyric visits of Montmartre with a soprano" said the press release: I immediately picked up my phone.


Wednesday, December 28 2016

Parties and entertainment at the Palace of Versailles

carriage at VersaillesKing Louis XIV gave a precept to the Dauphin as a guideline for his rule: « Entertain in order to govern ».


Sunday, December 4 2016

Reopening of the Louvre bookstore and giftshop with VIP services

La Joconde at the Louvre Museum"Culture is not simply merchandise" as it is revealed by the reopening of the new bookstore and giftshop of the Louvre Museum, after two years of renovation.


Monday, March 4 2013

Burgundy, the Nazis, and Why Pouilly-Fuissé Doesn’t Have Premier Crus

Emily L.Turner, wine bloggerWine aficionados say that Burgundy is one of the most complex and difficult regions to understand in the wine world. I won’t contest that.Notes from my latest conversation with a passionate producer lie in a pile beside my keyboard, under a map of Burgundy wine country.


Tuesday, January 10 2012

Vence—A village of art and azure

dome of VenceOn a hot day in Vence, there is nothing like sitting on the edge of the beautiful fountain in the Place Peyra and listening to the music of its cool cascade. Enjoy the good life, you are in Vence.


Sunday, January 1 2012

Cannes, Nice, St Tropez, Grasse, Menton and Monaco

St Tropez marina in the sunshineIf there is one French region blessed by the Gods, it is surely this one. The French Riviera.


The Eiffel Tower: Over the Top

The Eiffel Tower in ParisIt was Maurice Koechlin, an engineer in Gustave Eiffel’s atelier, who first dreamed up the Eiffel Tower.


Thursday, November 3 2011

Bordeaux, St-Emilion, Arcachon, Bayonne and Biarritz

New AquitaniaAquitania stretches from the immense beaches beaten by the Ocean waves to the plains of the Garonne valley.


Wednesday, November 2 2011

Nancy, Mulhouse, Strasbourg and the European Parliament

a house in AlsaceLorraine and Alsace are lands of passage deeply marked by their respective histories, lands brimming with memories, having overcome terrible ordeals thanks to their strength of character.


Sunday, October 30 2011

Château de Versailles, Chantilly and Fontainebleau

sculpture in the park of the ChateauL'Ile de France is like a crown around Paris and resembles no other region in France.


Champs Elysées, Carré Rive Gauche, Grands boulevards and the Eiffel Tower

under a bridge of Paris"I have before my eyes the five thousand acres of the earth where the most thinking, speaking and writing has been accomplished"...