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Tuesday, April 23 2013

La Villa Nova—a luxury bed and breakfast in Montpellier

luxury BB in MontpellierLa Villa Nova is a luxury bed and breakfast in Montpellier, between Avignon and Carcassonne, in the Languedoc region.

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Thursday, April 11 2013

Chateau Talaud, a charming bed and breakfast between Avignon and Aix-en-Provence

room in the chateau near Avignon and Aix en ProvenceChateau Talaud is a romantic bed and breakfast in Provence, between Avignon and Aix-en-Provence in the Vaucluse

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Wednesday, April 10 2013

Château de Reignac—boutique hotel, south of Tours in the Loire Valley

room in the chateau in the Loire ValleyChâteau de Reignac is a romantic designer hotel in a castle, near Tours in the Loire Valley.

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Saturday, March 23 2013

La Maison des Écureuils, designer rooms with a view of Mont Blanc, between Annecy and Geneva

maison-ecureuils-small.jpgLa Maison des Écureuils, designer rooms with an unforgettable view of Mont Blanc, halfway between Annecy and Geneva

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Hôtel Renoir—a luxury hotel in Cannes on the French Riviera

four stars hotel in Cannes, near Palais des Festival, on the Cote d'AzurHôtel Renoir is a luxury romantic hotel in Cannes on the French Riviera (Cote d'Azur), right near the Palais des Festivals and the Croisette.

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Tuesday, March 19 2013

The Château de Massillan–a luxurious boutique hotel and gourmet restaurant 40 minutes from Avignon in Provence

romantic chateau hotel in ProvenceThe Château de Massillan is a luxurious boutique hotel 40 minutes from Avignon and 10 minutes from Orange, in the Vaucluse department in Provence.

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Monday, March 18 2013

Le Clos Masure—a unique designer hotel two hours from Paris

boutique hotel just 2h from Paris, in NormandyLe Clos Masure is a unique designer hotel with an original décor just two hours from Paris, between Rouen and Dieppe in the Seine-Maritime area

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Friday, March 15 2013

La Chapellenie— an original bed and breakfast in the town of Aurillac, in the Auvergne region

authentic BB in Aurillac, Auvergne center of FranceLa Chapellenie offers bed and breakfast in rooms and suites in a historic building located in the center of Aurillac in Auvergne.

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Tuesday, March 5 2013

Maison du Frene, a luxury bed and breakfast, 20min from Nice on the French Riviera.

over the front door of Maison du Frene - French Riviera in FranceMaison du Frene is a designer luxury bed and breakfast in Vence, between Nice and Cannes, on the French Riviera.

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Tuesday, November 20 2012

La Brunerie—a designer bed and breakfast south of Nancy, in the Lorraine region

boutique hotel near Nancy, in the east of FranceLa Brunerie et ses Instants is a unique designer bed and breakfast located south of Nancy in the Meurthe et Moselle department, a delightful stopover as you head south on the road to the Vosges mountains.

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