Thursday, July 3 2014

La Dama de Ibiza, an unusual and original hotel in Ibiza, a 2h flight from Paris

roof terrace of the hotel, with view of the seaLa Dama de Ibiza, an unusual and original hotel in Ibiza, the Balearic Islands, a 2h flight from Paris and 2h30 from London.

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Monday, September 23 2013

Le Manoir de Lormarin—a charming bed and breakfast in Normandy’s Perche region

charming bb normandy, 2 hours from ParisLe Manoir de Lormarin is a charming bed and breakfast in Normandy, just two hours from Paris in the Perche region.

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Friday, July 5 2013

La Grange à Nicolas—a charming designer bed and breakfast between Geneva and Dijon

Room of the designer guesthouse Grange à Nicolas in the JuraLa Grange à Nicolas is a charming and romantic designer bed and breakfast in the Jura region, between Geneva and Dijon in the east of France.

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Le Clos de la Fontaine—an original bed and breakfast near Uzès and Nîmes

original BB between Uzès and NimesLe Clos de la Fontaine is an original bed and breakfast and art gallery near Uzès and Nîmes in the Gard

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