Friday, July 19 2013

Julie Mautner, an American writer in love with Provence

julie Mautner, American writerJulie Mautner is an American journalist living most of the year in St. Remy de Provence.


Wednesday, June 6 2012

“In” and “Off” at the Avignon Festival: I interview a festival talent agent

facade of an Avignon theater - ProvenceAn Insider’s View of the Avignon Festival: the “Off” and the “In”... A conversation with someone involved in the Avignon Festival reveals a fascinating universe.


Wednesday, January 25 2012

Parisian Monuments from the Ferris Wheel at the Tuileries Garden

Big Wheel of the Tuileries GardensWhen I got onto the Ferris wheel, I knew I’d have vertigo—not just from the height, but also from the 360° view.


Thursday, September 22 2011

I pulled an all-nighter during the “Nuit Blanche”

Paris’ Nuit Blanche, a nocturnal artistic tour through the city, never ceases to astound with its extraordinary variety and quality of work. It’s enough to keep you awake all night.


Wednesday, September 21 2011

Revisiting the covered passages of the 9th arrondissement

Grand Cerf covered passage in ParisA visit of the 19th-century covered passages in Paris with M. de K., an auction enthusiast and member of e romantic hotel’s selection committee.


Monday, August 15 2011

The City of Lights Seen from the Seine - Hop On, Hop Off

boat in paris, franceA day on the water floating down the Seine, or, visiting Another Paris


Friday, October 1 2010

Laurence M-A Passion for Chinese and Tibetan furniture

Nuage de ChineLaurence has always loved Asia. After a childhood on the Ile de la Cité in Paris, at 19 she converted to Buddhism.


Friday, June 25 2010

The Perche: Ecological awareness and respect for nature in the heart of a regional park

the Perche region, in low Normandy, FranceThe Perche region, located between Paris and Normandy, has become the chosen weekend destination for Parisians in the know.


Wednesday, June 23 2010

Perche Contemporary Art Biennial, from June 30th to July 14th, 2013

Forum Arts 61 in the Perche region, Normandy, FranceMultiple sources of inspiration are behind this art festival, where Impressionist paintings, lent by the a Japanese Museum, will be exposed.


Thursday, May 27 2010

An exceptional line up for the 13th Nuits du Sud de Vence music festival

festival nuits du sud de VenceThe 13th annual Nuits du Sud de Vence Festival-which will run from July 8 to August 7, 2010 has announced a fantastic line up of international artists.


Tuesday, January 5 2010

Florence M. — a passion for photography, interior decoration, and life

Florence M. has always had a passion for interior decor, so it’s not surprising that she opened up her own guesthouse, a place with a warm welcome and an unusual name in the Oise region.


Monday, August 31 2009

Gdansk, The Pearl of the Baltic and the Sublime Hel Peninsula

Gdansk, overlooking the Baltic Sea in PolandGdansk, nicknamed “The Pearl of the Baltic,” is located on the Stara Motlawa River in Pomerania, where the Vistula flows into the sea.


Pediments, cornices, and cartridges: Admiring Krakow’s Heavenly Architecture

the historic Krakow in PolandKrakow possesses an exceptional diversity of architecture, offering visitors a veritable encyclopedia of architectural styles.


Wednesday, November 12 2008

Lille, Calais and Dunkerque

Chateau in the North of FranceTo travel in the Nord region is first of all to free oneself of the clichés about a dark, cold region, where life is hard.