Friday, July 19 2013

Julie Mautner, an American writer in love with Provence

julie Mautner, American writerJulie Mautner is an American journalist living most of the year in St. Remy de Provence.


Wednesday, June 6 2012

“In” and “Off” at the Avignon Festival: I interview a festival talent agent

facade of an Avignon theater - ProvenceAn Insider’s View of the Avignon Festival: the “Off” and the “In”... A conversation with someone involved in the Avignon Festival reveals a fascinating universe.


Wednesday, January 25 2012

Parisian Monuments from the Ferris Wheel at the Tuileries Garden

Big Wheel of the Tuileries GardensWhen I got onto the Ferris wheel, I knew I’d have vertigo—not just from the height, but also from the 360° view.