Friday, April 27 2018

Bags and decoration unique pieces made from sails

Jean-Baptiste Roger, a sailing champion, made his first creations in 2005, from the recycled sails of his family yacht. The business has organised and is today offering a collection of bags and decoration accessories.


Sunday, February 4 2018

Dolce Vita in Bolzano

Three hundred days of sunshine a year, a wine route for expert oenologists, boutique hotels perched on the heights, travel diary about Bolzano(*) for spoiled lucky children.


Saturday, November 18 2017

Caviar and Bourgogne Aligoté, the new festive pairing

Caviar is historically associated with vodka. The tasting started with a spoon of caviar, followed by a sip of vodka to restore the taste, then again alternatively caviar and vodka, to create a gustatory balance, because caviar was very iodized.