Saturday, December 31 2016

Heli Air taxi, the new affordable luxury

heli air taxiThe helicopter is more than a mere taxi as we know them: minutes of flight among happy few, with a privileged upper view while escaping discreetly from an airport in total safety


Monday, September 6 2010

Let's visit Roissy–Charles de Gaulle Airport—A World of Services for Travelers

view of the sky and clouds over roissy airportAirports are fascinating: gateways to discovery and adventure, they are the transportation hubs of our dreams.


Monday, August 31 2009

Gdansk, The Pearl of the Baltic and the Sublime Hel Peninsula

Gdansk, overlooking the Baltic Sea in PolandGdansk, nicknamed “The Pearl of the Baltic,” is located on the Stara Motlawa River in Pomerania, where the Vistula flows into the sea.


Wednesday, November 12 2008

Lyon, Valence, Montélimar, Drôme and the Rhône Valley

Rhone ValleyThe geographical location of this region, between Northern and Southern France, has made this land a major passage way, a trading zone between Northern Europe and the Mediterranean basin.