Sunday, July 10 2011

Mont Saint Michel, a challenging "Mont"

View of th Mont from the campaignFrom Normandy to Brittany, everyone talks about the "Mont". This little town is indelibly linked to the memory of the archangel Saint Michael. Mont Saint Michel is unique beyond description. Its history, its setting, its architecture and its environment have fascinated people for generations.


Thursday, February 24 2011

Provins, Mysterious and Exceptional—A UNESCO World Heritage Site

Provins in the Paris regionProvins is a town in Ile de France that makes us wonder. This unusual site rises out of the immense checkerboard of farms that is the Brie countryside.


Friday, November 12 2010

Dôle, Besançon and Arc-et-Senans

landscape of the Jura Franche-Comte regionThe province of Franche-Comte is characterized by the Jura massif, which extends from the Alps to the Vosges mountain ranges and by its plains carved out by the generous affluents of the Saône and the Rhône rivers.