Saturday, May 19 2018

Original gingerbread made in Dijon since 1796

Labelled "Living Heritage Company"(*), the Mulot Petitjean Company is making gingerbread according to the traditional recipe, kept secret since 1796.


Friday, April 27 2018

Bags and decoration unique pieces made from sails

Jean-Baptiste Roger, a sailing champion, made his first creations in 2005, from the recycled sails of his family yacht. The business has organised and is today offering a collection of bags and decoration accessories.


Tuesday, February 27 2018

Precious stone serum and skin care, to forget winter

Peridot, translucent green semi-precious stone, was well known to the Ancient Egyptians for its repairing properties on the skin and Opal, usually with a pearly aspect, is recommended for its nourrishing properties.