Tuesday, February 27 2018

Precious stone serum and skin care, to forget winter

Peridot, translucent green semi-precious stone, was well known to the Ancient Egyptians for its repairing properties on the skin and Opal, usually with a pearly aspect, is recommended for its nourrishing properties.


Friday, February 9 2018

Barber wearing bow tie and café with foosball table

First and foremost, the place is a shop, with a coffee and tea bar, a foosball table and a barber shop, a lieu where it is pleasant to be.


Tuesday, February 6 2018

Let's speak of men's beauty skin and beard care

Male beauty care is no longer taboo. With the trendy return of the moustache, today, this is the beard which is favoured. Let's discover a responsible brand(*), exclusively dedicated for men.