Friday, April 27 2018

To borrow a work of art from the Ecole des Beaux Arts and hang it at home

The Ecole des Beaux Art of Nantes wishes to give a better visibility to its collection: in the Loire Atlantique department, it is now possible to display a work of art at home, in the office or inside a boutique, borrowed from the Ecole.


Friday, April 14 2017

The Jardins du Oui are numbered

Jardins du OuiWhere does the name Jardins du Oui (Gardens of the Yes) come from? « The word « Yes » imposed itself to the Gardens, because it creates a positive energy ». The founder, Catherine de Mitry is an instinctive artist, I might perhaps know more in the future.


Sunday, January 22 2017

Picasso exhibition at the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport

Picasso at the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airportIn partnership with the Picasso museum in Paris, the Espace Musées of the Paris Charles-de-Gaulle airport produces an exhibition of works, created after the second world war, when Picasso took up residence on the Côte d'Azur.