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Friday, July 19 2013

Julie Mautner, an American writer in love with Provence

Julie Mautner is an American journalist living most of the year in St. Remy de Provence.

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Friday, October 14 2011

Interview with an Enthusiast—“Best Craftsman of France”, a Michelin Star, and Rave Reviews

jacques-decoret-small.jpgJacques Decoret has a passion. He savors his memories of the time he spent in some of the most prestigious restaurants in France, including Troisgros in Roanne.

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Friday, October 1 2010

Laurence M-A Passion for Chinese and Tibetan furniture

Laurence has always loved Asia. After a childhood on the Ile de la Cité in Paris, at 19 she converted to Buddhism.

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Tuesday, January 5 2010

Florence M. — a passion for photography, interior decoration, and life

florence-m-small.jpgFlorence M. has always had a passion for interior decor, so it’s not surprising that she opened up her own guesthouse, a place with a warm welcome and an unusual name in the Oise region.

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