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Tuesday, February 21 2017

The Emperor’s Honey, Champagne confit and rose syrup

Food de CultureQueen Anne d’Autriche introduced chocolate into France, king François 1er's wife gave her name to a kind of plum and Madame de Montespan loved honey candies.

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Wednesday, February 1 2017

Stanislas Draber, poetic florist in Paris

Stanislas DraberBetween the Odeon square and the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, an unusual flower shop is settled on a little street: Stanislas Draber, flowers, pieces of pottery, literature, terrace and gardens.

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Thursday, January 5 2017

Veronica Antonelli, the soprano who sings with the monuments

Veronica Antonelli"Lyric visits of Montmartre with a soprano" said the press release: I immediately picked up my phone.

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Monday, May 19 2014

An interview with Stella Cadente: her house in Provins

bijouxstella-small.jpgAn exclusive, confidential interview with Stella Cadente about her Maison de Provins —her sources of inspiration, the Middle Ages, fairy tales…

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Tuesday, June 25 2013

Joseph Walsh, Irish designer, magician of the wood

Enignum chair of Joseph WalshWhen I traveled to Ireland, I had the privilege to visit Joseph Walsh Studio*, and discover his work in real life. Bliss.

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Thursday, December 13 2012

I took pictures of the outdoor market on the Avenue du President Wilson at 7:00 in the morning…

fruits on the parisian market, avenue of President WilsonFor some time, a friend of mine who often travels to North America has been talking to me about it: “Isabelle, English speakers love French open-air markets, you should mention them in your blog.

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Sunday, December 9 2012

I walked off the path at Vent des Forêts, a contemporary art installation in the Meuse

Vent des Forets, contemporary art in the forestVent des Forêts is an intense project, a creative utopia, both realistic and generous.

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Wednesday, June 27 2012

The Loire boatmen still exist, I met one…

Wine tastings on the Loire riverIn the old days, when there were few bridges, the Loire boatmen ferried goods and animals from one side of the Loire to the other.

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Wednesday, June 6 2012

“In” and “Off” at the Avignon Festival: I interview a festival talent agent

facade of an Avignon theater - Provence An Insider’s View of the Avignon Festival: the “Off” and the “In”... A conversation with someone involved in the Avignon Festival reveals a fascinating universe.

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Saturday, October 15 2011

A fashion show with chocolate dresses at the Salon du Chocolat in Paris

chocolate-fashonshow-small.jpgThe Chocolate Show 2011 will take place from Oct 20th to 24th in Paris. Last year, the Chocolate Show 2010 dressed in green. Ethical cacao and ecological thinking went into 2010’s edition, which highlights fair trade and sustainable development.

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