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Monday, July 5 2010

Visiting wine Mecca – Bordeaux Fete le Vin

Wine of Bordeaux wine, at the Bordeaux Wine FestivalThere’s no other place on Earth where you can breath in the world of wine just like you can in Bordeaux. Wine shops and wine bars on every street corner, wine producers down every country lane – the place is seeped in wine.


Monday, June 14 2010

La vie en Rosé, Oh the cliché! (It may be pink, but it’s not White Zin.)

“I’m looking for something light, good for sipping on the porch, and good with summer meals,” the woman says, glancing around the store as she speaks.


Sunday, January 10 2010

Will the real Saint Valentine please stand up?

Melba Allen, wine bloggerValentine has been celebrated as a special guy since the early roman Era. Even the Romans couldn’t figure it out as to which Valentine was the more worthy to honor.