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Saturday, January 9 2010

A Wine Lover’s New Year’s Resolution: Become a Savvy Buyer

If you’re browsing E-Romantic’s website, it’s because you’re interested in quality, a bit of mystery mixed in with beauty and originality, and undoubtedly a flair for local flavor.


Friday, January 1 2010

Harvesting grapes

shoshanna for the harvesting grapes8h00 – Saturday 1 October 2011 The brisk autumn air greets me as I step out into the grey early light of the morning. After a long hot summer this is quite a change having to put on a warm fleece but as the first rays of sunshine sleepily peek over the Montagne Noire I have every confidence that the warmth will triumph over the cold.


Thursday, March 8 2007

Montirius and Mother Nature

Melba Allen, Wine expert and Wine bloggerWhat are Bio-dynamic wines? Where natural wine-makers don’t use man-made chemicals to treat their vines, soil or fermentation, bio-dynamic wines are those that are produced from grapes that are organically grown with respect to the surrounding environment.