Barber and creator of the shaving caviar and gold foam

Stache cornerStache Corner is a barber, a sort of creative barber who had the idea of inventing a shaving foam for caviar and another for gold. Stache Corner, barber - Art de Vivre à la Française (French Art of Living): the elegant business card that David gives me...

Stache cornerwith the logo inscribed in a coat of arms, intrigues me and sets the tone. Stache Corner is a contemporary barber, in love with the beard and the care associated with it, epicurean and concerned with the preservation of the planet.(*)

A first idea is to invent a new way to shave, limiting the use of the badger, traditionally used to work the soap before applying to the skin. David prefers the natural silk badger which preserves the animal species and uses it only to apply the foam: it must be aerial for application and the least drying possible for the skin, the traditional soap being very charged In salt.
It is by watching a bartender make a cocktail that came the inspiration: each foam is made at the time of shaving, mixing the ingredients necessary for its composition directly in the shaker, to be mixed at the last moment and fresh for the shaving.

The protocol begins with an exfoliation of the facial skin with a cream to the apricot powder, then a warm towel is applied. The caviar foam will then be used for its known hydration properties and that for the gold particle, to give a shine to the complexion. The care will be followed by a massage after shave, so that the shave is a relaxing moment as pleasant and restorative as possible.

David adds: "Do you know that the profession of barber acquired privileges during the reign of Louis XIV and that his personal barber was ennobled"

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(*)Stache Corner has created four different foams of care, caviar, gold particles, plant stem cells and citrus fruits; They are all made in France. The shaving protocol, very elaborate, lasts one hour.

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