Hay sorbet and fresh herb massage in Italy

fresh herbs massageTwo refined luxury surprises awaited me when I traveled to the South Tyrol in Northern Italy last year: the hay sorbet and the fresh herb massage, in the heart of powerful natural surroundings.

hay bath facing the natureThe Alpe di Siusi is the widest mountain pasture of Europe. Its hay contains special properties, discovered since the 19th century by local farmer : exhausted by the labour in the fields, they slept in the mountain pastures and woke up the next morning, well-rested with greater energy. The secret spead quickly and the hay bath became sacred.

Researchers and scientists found that the hay contained exceptional medicinal and cosmetic properties. A Michelin starred restaurant in Merano went much further by creating a surprising and flavourful hay sorbet, for curious foodies.

It is in the same creative location, laid on mountain sides and surrounded by a wild grass park, that the fresh herb massage is provided. Plants are harvested in the morning and the ointment is prepared at the time of the application. A well kept secret for a development of the composition which took two years.

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