Heli Air taxi, the new affordable luxury

heli air taxiThe helicopter is more than a mere taxi as we know them: minutes of flight among happy few, with a privileged upper view while escaping discreetly from an airport in total safety

heli air taxiVincent Kieffer is a seasoned aerospace executive with 15 years at Airbus Helicopters dealing with customers all over the world.With the expansion of internet technology, he decided to open the heli-air taxi services to a broader audience.

First of all, most of the heli-air taxis are used to fly half full, mostly because of a lack of a platform which makes anyone at three taps of booking a seat. Other service offered is the "on demand" charter: the sooner the request the more chance one has to share one's flight and thus reduce its cost. Request are accepted up to 24 hours before the flight.

In a near future any fully authorized heli-air taxi operator will be able to share its seats' availability on line.

A seat in a flight between Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport to Issy les Moulineaux Heliport would then be priced around 300$ once confirmed by BOOKmyHELO.

The Startup which offers its service via its website and App will be exhibiting at CES 2017 at Las Vegas from January 5 to 8 >>

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