Poliphilus & Polia, mangas in love by Nicolas Buffe at the Sèvres Manufactory

Nicolas Buffe at the Sevres ManufactoryThe Sèvres Manufactory inaugurates the exhibition Poliphilus & Polia, with numbered unique pieces designed by Nicolas Buffe: they represent the enigmatic inner path of Poliphilio searching for love, as described in the Venetian novel Poliphilo's Strife of Love in a Dream written in the 15th century.

Nicolas Buffe at the Sevres ManufactoryNicolas Buffe is French and lives in Tokyo: his draws influence from the Middle Age and the Renaissance period, but also from the contemporary Japanese culture, anime and manga, tokusatsu or video games. The result is a very personal reinterpretation of the classical texts in keeping with his manga-style works.

Multitalents artist, he has designed the window display of the Hermès shop in Tokyo and drawn a unique maxi Hermès scarf. In 2011, he created the design of a unicorn hide for the royal manufactures of Aubusson: the body of the animal was made of tapestry and the head and hoofs made of Limoges porcelain. In 2016, he drew macaroon boxes of unusual shapes for Pierre Hermé and created a video game for the Nuit Blanche at the Châtelet Theater.

The initiatic path of Poliphilus searching for love is an iterative process, playing video game is very similar. Nicolas Buffe has explored their similarities through several exhibitions over the past years. Today, the Sèvres Manufactory presents unique painted vases, in recognition of Nicolas Buffe’s work and inaugurates the exhibition on Saint Valentine's Day.

Poliphile & Polia until April 15, 2017 >> Nicolas Buffe >>
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