Riccardo Muti tells us about the Roads of Friendship

Riccardo Muti, the Roads of FriendshipRiccardo Muti himself was present at the press conference on the Ravenna Festival: he told us about the Roads of Friendship that he created in 1997.

The Roads of Friendship are dedicated to build "bridges of fraternity" between nations through culture and music: in July, an annual concert directed by Riccardo Muti, with musicians of both countries, takes place in a town, chosen for its difficult current situation.

For the first edition in 1997, Riccardo Muti chose Sarajevo, a martyred city, still emerging from war. Riccardo Muti explains:"For Sarajevo, we played "The song of ghosts over waters" written by Schubert and the Beethoven's Eroica Symphony; we also played musical work written by a composer in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
There were Serbian, Croatian and Italian musicians, from different religions, Christians, Jews and muslims; some spoke Italian and the others spoke Serbo-Croat. As soon as we began to play together, the language barriers disappeared, there was suddenly no border, and we began to feel the power of the universal link through the music."

The Roads of Friendship took then place in Beyrouth, Jérusalem, Moscou, Erevan or Istanbul and in 2013 the concert was given in Mirandola, in homage to the victims of the earthquake Emily.

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