Let's visit Roissy–Charles de Gaulle Airport—A World of Services for Travelers

view of the sky and clouds over roissy airportAirports are fascinating: gateways to discovery and adventure, they are the transportation hubs of our dreams.

Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport near Paris is a fine example: a mini-metropolis with a dozens of services available for tourists, business travelers, or VIPs.
Roissy is a world unto itself, offering everything from baggage wrapping services that weigh and wrap bags in plastic so they look like giant pieces of saltwater taffy, to juice bars offering fresh-squeezed fruit drinks.

Hostesses in orange vests distribute coloring books and stickers to children.
Internet junkies enjoy airport-wide WiFi access—you simply buy a card with a code in one of the Relay newsstands on the ground floor. When a handicapped passenger takes a plane to any destination in the world from Roissy, the airport is automatically notified and the person traveling is taken care of as soon as the plane lands and accompanied all the way to the car or taxi with their baggage, if necessary.

Pleasure-seekers can take advantage of the massage chairs installed in some of the international boarding areas—for a few Euros you can enjoy 10 minutes of mechanized relaxation.
VIPs are privy to special reception and boarding lounges, where they can enjoy anonymity under their dark glasses, far from the madding crowd.
Photos © Isabelle Brigout

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