Stanislas Draber, poetic florist in Paris

Stanislas DraberBetween the Odeon square and the Luxembourg Garden in Paris, an unusual flower shop is settled on a little street: Stanislas Draber, flowers, pieces of pottery, literature, terrace and gardens.

Stanislas DraberI can see flowers with their bulbs through the window shop, antiquarian books about horticulture in English and in French, Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal in multiple editions, clippers which belonged to the gardener of the Château de Versailles and potteries from Anduze.

Stanislas Draber, poetic florist in Paris explains: "I had been wanting to open a single flower shop, to sell season flowers from local suppliers and the Baudelaire's Fleurs du Mal. Why season flowers? because I love the idea that nothing lasts forever, beauty is created from the mayfly, we love life, we can really appreciate life, because it will stop one day. Same thing for flowers. There is not more than three different types of flowers in the same time, in different colours, from suppliers from around Paris and the South of France."

"Here there is no scotch, no staple, no plastic film: it is impossible. You walk out with the flowers and their bulbs that gave birth to them for replanting and get the same blooms year after year.

Once, I have been asked to organise a candled-lit Valentine dinner, in the flower shop: I composed the menu, chose a good wine and set the table with finely crafted cutlery. They walked out with all the flowers they could carry, so they will be able to celebrate this anniversary for years with the same flowers."

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