Jane Austeen 200
Very young, Jane was an astute observer in polite society and showed exceptional qualities to understand the complexities of the human personality: she wrote novels of an incredible modernity, where the constrained manners of the early 19th Cent. are attenuated by a light writing style and an irresistible humour.

True literary delicacies, quotes of Jane Austen, appear in different locations of the city center of Winchester, when the rain is falling: everyone is invited to share the pictures on social media with the hashtag #RainJane.

Despite her international notoriety, we know very few about her personal life, as all private letters of Jane Austen have been destroyed by her sister, to maintain her privacy. The exhibition "Mysterious Miss Austen" pays homage to the writer, with several portraits on loan from private collectors.

Another funny idea is the "Picnic Pack", very soon available for download, wich will include Regency recipes, a Jane Austen quiz, other inspiration

to encourage everyone to hold a Jane-Austen themed picnic in Hampshire.

#RainJane, Mysterious Miss Austen, Big Picnic, writing competitions, Regency ball... >>

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