Montfermeil fashion show The event aimed to unite around fashion: amateur and semi-professional fashion designer brought their creations to the catwalk with an elaborate staging by Glenn Mather, ex-dancer and actual president of the Montfermeil dance school. All models were volunteer and the beauty enhancement has been made by Guerlain.

When I sat down to attend the fashion show, I could see the members of the jury, on the other side of the catwalk, opposite me. At each passage, the models looked in their direction, particularly at a tall and elegant lady, dressed all in white, who seamed to encourage them. I remembered that Xavier Lemoine, Mayor of Montfermeil, called her “Princess” in his introductory speech, before the show.

The Burundian princess Esther Kamatari, ex top-model, is special ambassador for Guerlain: she decided to get involved in the Montfermeil event, to share with models her experience of top-model, how to move on the catwalk, how to enhance a clothing.

“Models have grown in confidence and learnt to discover their own personal beauty. Everyone rehearsed until the beginning of the show, including little children. Men and women who presented clothing tonight were one-day models, but they have built self-reliance and will keep alive this feeling, for the rest of their lives.”

The fashion show was up to expectations, full of creativity and happy energy, emotional.

Photos © Justine Le Dortz - Communication department

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