currant jam Mr. Amiable was cooking currant jam in Bar-le-Duc since 1879. At the age of 93, to preserve and transmit his savoir-faire, he agreed to sell his jam factory to Mr. Dutriez, confectioner, who he had known for a long time. Mr. Dutriez, the grand father of the current owner, bought A la Lorraine and the secret recipe of the famous jam.

« The currant bushes reach maturation between mid-June and mid-July, everything has to be done very quickly. I buy white and redcurrants only to small producers of the region, that I personnally know, the quality is essential. The skills that I use come from a farm near Bar-le-Duc and I cut out the feather myself. It takes three hours to remove the seeds of one kilo of currants. Sometimes I doubt and think that it is amazing to remove seeds with a skill and cook jam with a recipe of 1344, but I cannot let this savoir-faire die. »

A La Lorraine, Founded in 1879, Bar-le-Duc, Paris, New-York >>

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