The Jardins du Oui are numbered

Jardins du OuiWhere does the name Jardins du Oui (Gardens of the Yes) come from? « The word « Yes » imposed itself to the Gardens, because it creates a positive energy ». The founder, Catherine de Mitry is an instinctive artist, I might perhaps know more in the future.

The concept is simple and federative: the mayor of a city who wish to create a Jardin du Oui, has to sign the adhesion Charter to be part of the project. A number of garden is given to him, and he receives the trace of the garden with the construction manual. Five concentric rings are superposed to twelve squares, which have all the same middle; one of the corner is facing North. Proportions remain the same, but the size of the garden is as the gardener wishes.

From that point, the creativity can be absolute: ephemeral or permanent, the garden can be made of any material and installed inside or outdoor. One of the most highly creative is the garden of shades, where a overhanging wood structure is casting shadow over the concentric rings, at a certain time of the day.

Each garden is a numbered piece of art. Once finished, the garden is presented on the dedicated website. The Jardins du Oui, sponsored by Alain Baraton, Chief gardener of the Château de Versailles, will be displayed from June 1st to 4th, at the Jardins des Tuileries exhitibion in Paris, in the form of an edible cake.

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