Thursday, September 28 2017

Sculpted art photographs made from porcelain

No need to present Studio Harcourt, recently renovated and located in the very chic 16th arrondissement of Paris and no need to present either JL Coquet, which produces high Limoges porcelain in France since 1824.


Wednesday, September 27 2017

The E-Mehari Styled by Courrèges in a limited edition

Courrèges invented the mini-skirt, recommended the wearing of trousers to women since the 70s and promoted clothes made from vinyl. It is not surprising that the brand expresses its creative originality through a trendy partnership with Citroën, to redesign the iconic Mehari in a limited edition, made in France.


Monday, September 25 2017

Wild experience, cloud of red berries or aromatic sunbath

How revisiting the morning shower into a wild experience, a cloud of red berries or an aromatic sunbath?