The Colin Field from the Ritz Paris Cocktail made for La Première

Cocktail Colin Field for Air FranceAir France wanted to serve a sur-mesure altitude cocktail for La Première and asked the well known Head Barman of the Hotel Ritz Paris, Colin Peter Field to create it.

Colin Field"Air France wanted to partner with a beautiful person, with a quircky spirit and a poetical dimension, Colin Peter Field accepted immediately. Two main issues had to be tackled : the taste of drinks is modified on the plane, because of the pressurization and the recipes of the cocktails included fresh products of supreme equal quality, that had to be found, at every stop."

"A specific code of behavioral skills is essential for La Première and the Air France teams have received a specific training by Institut Bocuse. Complementary instructional videos, emceed by Colin Peter Field, were circulated, showing tricks on how to make the cocktails as if we were in the Hemingway Bar, where the "ground adaptation" of the Air France cocktail is served."

"This partnership with one of the most mythic parisian palace is a wink at the earliest days of flight, when the airlines had to hire stewards qualified for transatlantic liners, Orient Express or palaces, known for their agility and sense of service, which are the essence of their job."
Le "Colin Field from the Ritz Paris Cocktail made for La Première" will be served by Air France from July 1st, 2017.

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