Historical Haute-Couture in Versailles

historical costume"I was born in Versailles and visited frequently the Château: I am fascinated by the Grand Siècle which inspired so many artists and conferred to the French Savoir-Vivre its patent of nobility, to become a world reference."

Christine"I take inspiration from Boucher and Fragonard’s paintings to make the court garments. The high standart codes required by the Haute Couture are very similar to those used for historical court garment."

Passionate self-taught person, Christine makes sur-mesure court costumes for individuals and she loves it: "Several art professions are necessary to manufacture a garment : corset-maker, seamstress, embroiderer, lacemaker, floral finery maker and feather worker. The court costume is very formal, it gives the indication of the rank and title of nobility and has has very little changed between Louis XIV and Louis XVI (from 1638 to 1789): the front piece is embroidered with precious gems, the garment has a removable train and sleeves with white lace, ultimate luxury because the white did not exist at that time."

"The court costume has to fit perfectly to the person and match the personnality, I take a lot of time with the client to chose the materials and the style of the costume. Trial fittings are essential to adjust the garment and to finalise the volume. Men’s costumes are new to me, and I have a great interest in designing them because they are technical."

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