Visit Southern Champagne in a chauffered limousine

limousine of Michel FloiratMichel Floirat has had many lives, press agent in a communication agency and in an Embassy, journalist for women’s magazines, great traveller in Australia and Africa.

Michel FloiratNaturally curious, he keeps on discovering the world by meeting extraordinary people in his two adoptive French regions : the Auvergne and the Champagne.

Vintage car collector, he choses a car the day he receives the guests, according to their taste, their expectations and the scheduled tour. His definition of luxury can be summed up in three words: authenticity, curiosity, uniqueness. To be open to others is fundamental, money is not the only motor, the Bling-Bling is exceeded. He knows the art of discovering a region through history and architecture, but also by beeing invited in private manoirs and chateaux. « My guests like general culture and refuse to shut themselves into a ghetto of rich. I try to create a moment of emotion and memories that travellers hope to find as they journey. »

He has created several tours in the Auvergne region, from the classic « Vichy » to the shuddering « legends, ruins & guosts » and also the « Luxury » escape, with confidential visits of places which are usually non open to the public. Aesthetes and epicurean guests are satisfied, because Michel Floirat always selects a fine food restaurant for each tour.

« Southern Champagne are the last vineyards of Champagne before the Mediterranean Sea. » Recently settled in this region, Michel Floirat plans to create a tour called « The Champagne region & wine of the General de Gaulle » where the large history meets the small one with visit of Colombey-les-Deux-Eglises, discovery of the Champagne Drapier, Mrs. de Gaulle and other memories.

Artenses in the Auvergne region & in southern Champagne >>
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