The pomander, perfumed jewel for the neck

necklace pomander by Fanny KThe pomander was worn by the clergy and the nobility since the 12th Century: it is a partitioned ball made of gold or silver, hung by a neck-chain, in which were placed several perfumed amber balls.

a pomander on a paintinga pomander on a paintingThe pomander, greatly prized ornament, was passed on from generation to generation. The amber ball -which was supposed to protect from environmental miasma and keep bad spirits away- added a touch of mystery to the prestige of the jewel.

The cosmopolitan area in Paris called the “Goutte d’Or” has become trendy. Fragrance of spices, cordial exclamations give a refreshing morning atmosphere, while I walk along the street to Fanny’s studio: 4th floor without lift, discovering her inventive, slave and colourful paradise must be earned.

“My stock of beads is arranged by colours in jars or jam glasses: I need to see everything to chose the best elements for each jewel and everything must be in harmony around me. Travel inspire me: motionless voyage through fashion and art, magazines or books, stimulant for the imagination, or real travel like Japan that I visited.

I have looked for small glass jars, looking like amphoras, to fit with the universe of Belle de Jour (*) and of course tried to find elegant plugs to fit with. Then I got the idea of a small spongy stone, that could become soaked with perfume to slowly release it. It is a contemporary interpretation of the Victorian jewels and the pomander.”

Each necklace is a unique piece and photos are not contractual. Fanny’s K. pomanders are sold exclusively at:
(*) Belle de Jour, 7 rue Tardieu, 75018 Paris, France – phone : +33 (0)1 46 06 15 28

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