Bags and decoration unique pieces made from sails

Jean-Baptiste Roger, a sailing champion, made his first creations in 2005, from the recycled sails of his family yacht. The business has organised and is today offering a collection of bags and decoration accessories.

The first idea was to share the maritime spirit: sewn inside each product, the authentication labels allow the new owner to trace the maritime history of their sail out of which has been manufactured the object, which oceans the boat sailed on, which races have been won, which famous skipper was at the helm.

Prototypes and custom-made pieces are hand-made in Lorient, and some other subcontractors carefully selected. Although attenuated by the manufacturing, the sails have had a first life and may contain some slight marks of pennants, eyelets, batten pockets and sometimes slight oxidation, each piece is unique.

Genoa, mainsail, gennaker or spinnaker sailcloth are transformed into bags, beanbags, deck chair covers or decoration accessories, with always the idea of sharing the maritime experience, and invite the new owner to continue the journey.

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